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BAC Flush 300ml


Every grower knows the importance of maintaining a clean substate and root zone free of waste salts and mineral buildup. Without it

you can never maximise your plants potential. BAC has developed a product that can do that with just one application per week. BAC Flush

is your first line of defence in the fight against waste salts. BAC scientists using their expertise in microbial life and interactions, have developed

a formula that promotes very specific types of bacteria that find waste elements in your pot, like sodium and chlorine, and bonds with them.Once bonded they become inactive and wash out

the bottom of your pots. With your medium clear of waste salts the plants can absorb and uptake nutrients more efficiently

which makes your plants grow faster. BAC Flush provides quick fermentation of all waste around the root hairs. Don’t waste your valuable grow time by flushing with just water.


Using BAC Flush super charges your flushes and keeps your plants growing 100% efficiency.


Mix Rates


USE BAC Flush once per week with flush water. Mixes at .6ml per litre


Sizes Available


120ml, 300ml, 1 Litre

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