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Bac Daily 300ml


BAC’s signature product, the most concentrated stimulator on the market. no more than 0.1mls per liter. BAC Daily stimulates the multiplication

of beneficial micro-organisms in your medium, ensuring faster absorption of nutrients. this means plants will grow much faster. These micro-organisms

ensure the creation of oxygen and binding to oxygen in the plants capillary and to help protect against plant diseases.


The most significant advancement in horticulture in the last 2 decades is how bacteria promotes plant growth. A healthy mix

of beneficial microbes in a plant’s root zone can massively improve yield and growth potential. The key is focusing in on the right bacteria at the right time

in the growth cycle and creating the right environment for them to thrive. That is why BAC created BAC daily.


BAC Daily is a special mix of ingredients specifically designed to promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in your plants root zone.

The bacteria it promotes helps break down the essential minerals and nutrients plants need so they can be easily absorbed.

That allows plants to grow much faster. During vegetation BAC Daily breaks down nitrates, cacium and magnesium and other minerals

for easy absorption and during flower it focuses on potassium and phosphorus activation giving the plants exactly what it needs when it needs it.

Don’t just throw mineral fertilisers into your pots and expect success. Use BAC Daily to ensure the right microbial cocktail

is there to maximise your fertilisers full effects.


BAC Daily has a cleaning effect on drippers and hoses. This will ensure drippers and hoses don’t get so easily blocked.

The use of enzymes with BAC Daily is not necessary as BAC Daily produces it’s own enzymes.


Mix Rates


Use BAC Daily at 0.1mls per litre of water every feed for best results.


Sizes Available


60ml, 120ml, 300ml, 1 litre


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