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LED Sol Sense 30W 600mm Long Full Spectrum


LED Sol Sense 30W 600mm Long Full Spectrum











- VERSATILE (With Hangers & Mounting Brackets)





The SOL-BAR is a versatile LED light bar designed to accelerate propagation and stimulate plant yield, taste and essential oil production when introduced as supplemental lighting. The Sol-Bar is available in two sizes: The Sol-Bar 30 is 60cm long and runs at 30 Watts, and the Sol-Bar 60 is 120cm long and runs at 60 Watts.



-The Sol-Bar includes one pair of hangers and one pair of mounting brackets. This enables the light bar to be either hung from the grow room ceiling to achieve vertical directed light or to be mounted sideways to achieve horizontal directed light. This will ensure light coverage over any shadows amongst the canopy with targeted wavelengths for increased yield and increased quality of produce.



-The 6063-aluminium alloy housing enables superior heat dissipation in order to maintain LED diode performance and life span.



-The Sol-Bars have no fans or moving parts thus are silent in operation.



-The IP65 water resistance rating enables use in humid environments.



-The light bar runs on a low DC voltage and is safe and electrical shock proof.



The Sol-Bar is available in two spectrums:



1. The Full Spectrum Sol-Bar consists of red (660nm) and cool white (6000K) LED diodes. We call this spectrum the Full Spectrum because its spectral output consists of equally high percentages of blue and red light and a small percentage of green light that are all neccesary for each stage of the plant life cycle.



This spectrum is ideal for propagation as it delivers a uniform dispersion of the necessary wavelengths for accelerating plant cell multiplication during the early stages of plant growth.



The Full Spectrum Sol-Bar is also effective as a supplemental light as it consists of a high percentage of blue light, known to accelerate vegetative growth and a high percentage of red light known to promote heavy fruiting and intense flowering.



Please see the spectrum report of the Full Spectrum Sol-Bar 









2. The Multi-Coloured Spectrum Sol-Bar consists of a mixture of blue (440nm, 460nm), red (640nm, 660nm) and cool white (6000K) LED diodes. This spectrum is highly effective when used as supplemental light that can be introduced at all stages of the plant life cycle.



When introduced during the vegetative stage the Multi-Coloured spectrum will accelerate the rate of photosynthesis due to its predominantly blue spectral output. This blue light in conjunction with the small percentages of red and green light is also responsible for enhancing the quality, taste and essential oil production of your yield.



Please see the spectrum report of the Multi-Coloured Spectrum Sol-Bar :





















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