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Clay Balls Hydroton Mother Earth 50L


Cost effective growing medium that uses ecologically sustainable clay to help retain moisture and accelerate plant growth.


The natural balanced capillary action that comes from clay helps to accelerate plant growth by offering an ideal surface for root structures and beneficial bacteria. While the lightweight clay balls are porous, they do not float like perlite. The Mother Earth Hydroton drains freely, free of harmful heavy metals, and is pH adjusted.


The Hydroton pebbles are reusable, and can be used as your growing medium year after year. After each use, be sure to remove all organic material and nutrients by washing them with isopropyl alcohol. Before putting them back into your grow trays or buckets, rinse them thoroughly with pH balanced water.


Mother Earth Hydroton clay pebbles can also be used as a top dressing for outdoor landscapes to help with moisture retention and drainage. Always rinse the pebbles before planting!


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