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Rock Absorba 1L (Foliar)




Absorbalight is an all in one photo-metabolite enhancing foliar feed with leaf penetrating compounds which maximize photosynthesis in the leaves to achieve greater than biological potential yields in any flowering plants.



Short Summary:


Absorbalight does what it says, when applied to the leaves, it enhances light absorption. With the addition of high potency foliar specific nutrients coupled with the built in sequestered penetrating agents. Absorbalight increases plant production beyond biological potential! Absorbalight increases yield in two ways, it enhances light interception for increased photosynthesis and the penetrating agents deliver the foliar nutrients and organic acids directly into the leaves through enlarged stomata. Absorbalight allows you to feed your plants from both ends enabling your plant grow well in excess of normal productivity. Incredible but true - Absorbalight will enable you to exceed all previous yields in any situation. Absorbalight has been tried and tested over many years in the commercial sector and is currently in use today by professional flower growers to produce some of the world’s finest flowers.


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