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NF Cargo Boost 1Ltre


Cargo Boost helps to deliver rapid growth and larger yields as it is made up of small molecules that increase the hydroponic nutrients ability to chelate. Due to the chelating speed being increased the plants have the ability to uptake more hydroponic nutrient. As the name would suggest, the molecules work like a container of cargo. By attaching themselves to the elements the molecules deliver the food to your plants root system from the pool of nutrient molecules; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It unloads the cargo (hydroponic nutrient) before returning to the pool of nutrient molecules to repeat the process. Cargo Boost also pushes more nutrients through the plants outer cell wall and helps stabilise your systems pH from large fluctuations to maximise nutrient uptake. Cargo Boost is a hydroponic carbohydrate micro organism stimulant that will help sustain beneficial microbial activity in your system. For exceptional results use in conjunction with Nutrifield's Fulife and Alaska Pure.

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