Detox Detox Quick Fix The Quick Fix synthetic urine is premixed laboratory urine designed to protect your privacy during a urinary drug (THC, marijuana, cocaine, extasy, polluatnts) test or nicotine test. The Quick Fix is unisex so a male or female can use it to pass a drug test or nicotine tests. To ensure passing a urinalysis, the Quick Fix contains all the ingredients normally found in urine and is balanced for pH, specific gravity, creatinine, and several other urine characteristics. Price $ 105.00 104378367 Power Flush Power Flush All-Natural Herrbal Capsules uses only the finest herbs. The heerbs used in power flush Capsules are of such impeccable quality and cleanliness, they have been certified Kosher & Prave. Power Flush Capsules are the only brand of detox products to have this certification. Price $ 70.00 104378366 B Clear B-Clear? 1 Hour Liquid Formula is the ultimate carbohydrate-based liquid masking agent. Our extensive background, education and experience formulating and testing carbohydrate-based masking agents has resulted in a product that is unsurpassed in both effectiveness and convenience. Price $ 98.00 104378365 Ultra Wash Prepare yourself and meet the challenge of saliva test - no traces of unwanted residues in your spit. Ultra Wash Toxin-cleansing mouthwash achieves toxin free mouth for up to one hour - No marijuana (THC), or nicotine in your saliva will be found. The Ultra Wash Toxin-cleansing mouthwash is a reliable companion and fits in your pocket. Use it just 10 minutes before your personal desired satisfaction - just shake, swish and spit! 500% Money Back guaranteed to beat any saliva test! Price $ 65.00 104378369 Zydot Ultimate Blend ZYDOT Ultimate blend - A poewrful blend of herbs and fibre, formulated to help cleanse your system. Zydot Ultimate Blend is designed as a 1 hour advanced cleansing formula. Price $ 85.00 104378368