Growing Mediums

Posted on May 17, 2011 at 8:35 PM

There are a number of mediums to choose from, all of which have uses in different systems, Expanded clay balls as with perlite work well in pot in pot systems. Rock wool which is available in the form of cubes/blocks,or large mats is ideal for striking cuttings in is a form of volcanic glass - Drip feeding in slabs also.

Coco coir, is the result of processed coconut husks and is probably the best medium of all, as it contains: various trace elements as well as the beneficial fungi "Tricoderma". This fungi is excellent in arotecting plants from attact from pathogens and other root diseases.

Potting mix is not suitable for use in hydroponics as it is a soil based product and hydroponics by definition is "Gardening without use of soil", and contains many bad bacteria pest and diseases.

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