Final Flush before harvest

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Final Flush

A week before I harvest my plants I like to do a final flush. This flush is designed to rid the medium of excess salts, nutrients, heavy metals or any other toxins that have accumulated. There are many flushing agents available at your local hydroponic retailer, but I like Final Rinse by Natures Own. All plants respond differently to a pre-harvest flush.

For hydroponic systems, I empty my reservoir seven days before harvest and fill the reservoir with water ...

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Cloning (Art of Cloning

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Art of Cloning

One of the hardest aspects for the gardener to master is the art of cloning. Gardeners rely on successful clones to ensure they have enough plants to fill their garden and when that need is unmet, frustration sets in. Throughout my years of gardening I have been able to be successful at cloning in different mediums and methods because I stick with some basic rules.

Take cuttings from a healthy mother plant. When cloning, you are creating a genetic duplicate of the m...

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Cleanliness, P.H. & E.C

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These factors are the three most important things that areall to often overlooked. It astounds me just how many growers don’t understand their importance.


Cleanliness in the grow area is extremely importantas to eliminate the risk of pest & disease outbreaks.

Whether it be picking off dead & dyingleaves from your plants, and any which have fallen off on the floor, down toflushing your system, which should be performed weekly.

Between crops, a...

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Growing Mediums

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There are a number of mediums to choose from, all of which have uses in different systems, Expanded clay balls as with perlite work well in pot in pot systems. Rock wool which is available in the form of cubes/blocks,or large mats is ideal for striking cuttings in is a form of volcanic glass - Drip feeding in slabs also.

Coco coir, is the result of processed coconut husks and is probably the best medium of all, as it contains: various trace elements as well as the beneficial fungi "Tric...

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Nutrient & Additives

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When we talk about Plant Nutrition, (in the Hydroponic instance), there are a magnitude of brands, categories and uses.

We start with Base Nutrients first. This group is usually labelled with the name - "Vega" meaning vegetive growth, "Flores" meaning bloom or flowering.

These nutrients are produced according to a plants needs eg. vegetive growth requires a higher Nitrogen, where as flowering requires Potassium & Phosphorous.

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Hydroponic General Over veiw

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Hydroponics - Definition: Gardening without soil, using an inert medium such as "Expanded clay balls, perlite, coco coie or a mix of these - coco + perlite".

The addition of specialized liquid nutrient programs from reputable hydroponic retailers such as green acres hydroponics where you can get everything from C grade up to premium dutch nutrients including "House & Garden, Canna, Dutch Master Gold Series, Nutrifield, Cyco" etc.

Here at G.A.H. We have all the good products, s...

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